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The WIDAR team is happy to support and answer all the questions that you may have with regards to our app or anything 3D related.

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  • How does the 3D scan work?
    Our software uses photos or LIDAR technology to generate a 3D scan of your objects.
  • Is WIDAR free?
    Yes, but we also have a Pro version with more features! Check our pricing page to know more.
  • How many pictures do I need to take to have a good scan?
    We recommend 60 pictures from all angles for a good scan but you can take as many as 200 photos for each scan!
  • My scan doesn't look good, what can I do to improve it?
    Please refer to the Scan tutorial We also have a detailed tutorial about Photo Scan. Press the “?” button on the Photo Scan screen.
  • I want to delete my account.
    We are sorry to hear you want to delete your account. To do that you just need to go to your profile > Settings (top right) > Scroll down to the bottom > click "Withdrawal"

Frequently Asked Questions

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