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Join our Beta Tester Group

About our product

Thank you for showing interest in our beta test!

WIDAR is an app to create 3D art and make 3D scans developed by WOGO, inc.

WOGO, inc. is bringing the world of 3D for everyone, making more accessible applications for people who are starting their 3D journey.

We are currently developing a new app where you can share and create 3D avatars in a new way for people to express themselves using any avatars they like.


This is a volunteer opportunity and you can do it in your free time!

The avatar is provided by a professional 3D modeler, and you can make various images and videos contents with it.

poc chart (4).gif

We want you to help to test this new tool and share your thoughts with us!

How the beta test is going to work

・Please join the Discord channel of WOGO, by clicking the button below.

・We will pass you the beta app link, with your favorable 3D character, through Discord.

・The app will have several functions that enable you to make images and videos.

・We would like you to give us feedback and discuss the content creation with 3D avatars on the discord.

・We may ask several of you for a user interview.

Entering our channel will be participating in the Beta test and accepting our Terms of Service


If you are interested in being part of the beta test, please join us on Discord! We are waiting for you! 🥳

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